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enduro mtb madrid


enduro mtb madrid

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 Frequent questions

What do our trips include?
All trips include lodging, main meals, support car, luggage transfer, guides, assistance from the starting point.
The details of each tour specify the additional expenses such as entrance tickets, events, extra meals, etc., also reservations for unspecified services as well as travel medical assistance insurance are optional.
What should you bring?
You will be provided with a list of items to bring. If your trip is longer, we suggest you try to leave part of your equipment somewhere, if necessary we will make the arrangements.
How to get to the starting point of the tour?
The connections to get to the starting point can make them through us, as any added to the cost. In any case we can recommend the transport alternatives.
In case of connections by air, you have to add to the price airport use taxes and transport to your hotel.
How is luggage transferred?
The support takes care of carrying your belongings from one point to another, unless the route requires you to carry personal luggage on the bike.
What type of accommodation do we use?
The luxury hotels are above the 4 stars. For the type of routes we use most of the hotels we use are 2 and 3 stars. While the route allows, we will ensure a room with bathroom included. Most hotels have restaurant included but in any case we use restaurants near the place. In remote places only basic services are assured. In any case, camps with full services are prepared.
What about personal rooms?
Single use rooms are available on most tours. There is an extra charge for this. It is necessary to indicate in advance if you want a personal room but it will be located in a double or triple room.
What foods are included and what characteristics do they have?
It's definitely not exactly a strict diet. Through the trip you will eat typical foods from the regions, as well as prepared food along the way. Likewise, if you wish to leave the routine and try other things we can recommend different places to visit. In case you need anything special in the food or have any problems with some type of this, for example dairy, fish, seafood or meats in general let him know to adapt the diet to your needs. In most cases drinks are not included in the meals.
How do I book the route and if we can help you with other services such as extra hotels and transport?
It is simple. When booking the tour it indicates your needs of connections or other services. We send you the options and after your reservation we confirm the availability. Once the deposit is made we pay for the services. Otherwise we give alternatives so that once in Peru you have different options.
What happens if you want to cancel the reservation?
See the contract terms sheet. Penalties apply for cancellations within 60 days prior to the start of the tour.
List of items needed for expedition
Bicycle in good condition
Gloves and helmet.
Replacement cameras and patches.
Insect repellent.
1 complete change of dry clothes.
Energy bars (chocolate, raisins, honey, etc).
Camera of photos or video.
Sleeping bag
Trekking shoes.
Extra pair of Sports Shoes.
Sports Socks.
Wool socks (for cold places).
Before leaving, be sure to have accident insurance (see general conditions of contract). In case you do not have it request us to process one at an extra cost.
For safety, have updated dental control and blood group.